2018-2019 BMW G 310 R

2018-2019 BMW is famous not only for its many sports cars, but also a large number of motorcycles of various classes, such as enduro, touring, sports and scooters. Today, your attention is presented a revolutionary motorcycle 2018-2019 BMW G 310 R .

The model, designed for novice riders,

was designed in Germany in collaboration with the Indian company TVS. It is worth noting that in order to reduce production costs, production will be transferred directly to India.

First, a unique feature of the upcoming sports bike is its engine, the amount of which does not exceed 500 “cubes”. In fact, single-cylinder engine has a volume equal to the total 313 “cubes.” This tiny cylinder with four valves, two camshafts and electronic fuel injection, produces 34 hp power and 28 Nm of torque at 7500 rev / min. The fuel tank is designed for 11 liters of fuel. “Dry” weight of the motorcycle 2018-2019 BMW G 310 R is just 158.5 kg. The maximum speed of this “fluff” will be 145 km / h.

Motor “hidden away” in a compact steel frame. The front part has a fairly aggressive design, thanks to its “mask” – a headlight and a bronze Strut. But exhaust pipe looks too cumbersome and inappropriate. Wheels presented 17-inch wheels with 300-mm and 240-mm brakes.

Price 2018-2019 BMW G 310 R remains unknown. Manufacturer only pointed out that the bike will be available in two colors: white and blue.