2018-2019 BMW i8 – a hybrid sports car from Germany

In our time, it is assumed that a sports car – it’s aerodynamic body combined with a powerful petrol engine. However, the time goes by, develop technology. First there were sports cars, based on the turbo diesel power units, and now came the turn of the hybrid plants.

2018-2019 BMW i8 year pictures

In fact, the company 2018-2019 BMW is a pioneer in this business, if you do not take into account the company Tesla and the S it the Model . But this is a completely different story, which we have already told you. And now we want to tell us about any other vehicle, unique in its kind. In principle, the 2018-2019 BMW i8 year is unique in everything from appearance, finishing specifications. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We offer you today to meet with the 2018-2019 BMW i8 a closer look from all angles. By tradition, the first appearance of talk, then go to the salon, where we move to the equipment and will complete our review of the technical parameters that certainly deserves the attention of sports hybrid car.

For the first time in a 2018-2019 BMW series as shown in the Frankfurt Motor Show the traditional autumn last year. In the spring of the first copies hit showrooms in Europe and North America. Soon the sales of new products start with us.


Look carefully at the picture and learn videos about this sports car. Do not you think it looks very futuristic, if not from our time ?! Design ahead of the current trends in the ten years at least. Yes, this appearance would not have been surprising, if we had to deal with the concept. But no, the current look of 2018-2019 BMW i8 year – a production version. It is in this form of car and sold to worldwide markets.

2018-2019 BMW i8 2016 photo

The front part was recognizable by all Bavarian “nostrils” on the false radiator grille. Of course, these are just a decorative element, since the electric motor cooling is not required such. But the headlights do not look just like from the future, but also the traditionally predatory for 2018-2019 BMW. Their eyes blinked, and the layout of the LEDs only adds limbers uniqueness and diversity. Flat hood, original bumper, aerodynamic elements – all done at the highest level and can only wonder designers ideas.

2018-2019 BMW i8 2016 photo Side

Side all already accustomed to futuristic. Sloping bonnet line, small doors that do not open themselves, and up, plus the ideal inherently wheel arches, unique skirts with air ducts, as well as swollen fenders make 2018-2019 BMW I8 downright stunning car.

2018-2019 BMW i8 2016 wallpaper

The rear part is full of all sorts of design ideas. At the same time, then carefully considered the question of aerodynamics and cooling for a gasoline power unit. The combination of phenomenal appearance and excellent aerodynamic component just does not give an opportunity to express my admiration for the words.

Not surprisingly, due to the body lines, a plurality of air ducts, different diffusers and spoilers measure drag coefficient was 0.26 Cx. This figure – the ultimate dream for a huge number of sports cars. We can say that the design of the 2018-2019 BMW i8 – this is a step forward in the twenty years.

It is necessary to say a few words about the dimensions of the car. And they are as follows:

  • length – 4689 mm
  • width – 1942 mm
  • height – 1298 mm
  • wheelbase – 2800 mm
  • ground clearance (clearance) – 114 mm (with base on wheels 20 inches).


It’s hard to move away from the impressions on the body, but should move on to the next item on our review. Namely, to the interior.

Photo salon 2018-2019 BMW I8 2016

Everything looks nice, again futuristic, solid and interesting. However, to properly explore the interior, it must first get there. And to do that, to be honest, it is not very easy. To start the door. They are, as we have said, opened up a bit and shifted forward. It would seem that a large space. But the gap is too low, plus there is a high threshold through which should transcend.

2018-2019 BMW i8 2016 photo rear seats

As for the rear seats, this place except for the small children. An adult would not fit there, because will work closely with all parties. That is, the manufacturer makes it clear – the car for two or at most for two adults and children that will be even more interesting to wade in the back row.

There are also questions to the luggage compartment. Not only is there only 154 liters of space, also the power unit is located directly beneath it. Consequently, there is a high temperature. It is unlikely that such a trunk is to carry an ice cream or chocolate.

Photo 2018-2019 BMW i8 2016 front seats

Go to the more pleasant – the front seats. Ahead sit really comfortable if able to get into the cabin. Space enough legs have what to do. Planting, say at once, as befits a sports car – is low. Mounted horizontally wheel sits well in the hand, does not close the view ahead.

Pictures 2018-2019 BMW i8 2016

2018-2019 BMW tried to convey in his 2018-2019 BMW i8 whole spirit and style of the Bavarian company, but at the same time give a feeling as if you are in the car of the future, not the present. Proper distribution of the control buttons, style, concept, every detail is admirable and positive emotions. As the saying goes, the cabin everything in its place and in front of the eyes and hands. Ergonomics at the highest level, to say nothing.


Just say that the package this car is amazing. Of course, there is nothing that could surprise to the modern motorist who is familiar with the latest developments in the field of machine layout, but still. Here are some of the options:

  • dashboard in three color modes (blue, orange and blue with an economy mode tachometer)
  • multimedia system with 8.8-inch touch screen on the dashboard
  • navigator
  • on-board computer with extended functionality
  • High-level audio system
  • Hard Drive 20 GB
  • Acoustics seven speakers
  • circular camera
  • dual-zone climate control
  • front and side airbags
  • Blinds on windows
  • electromechanical handbrake
  • light sensor and rain sensor
  • LED interior lighting
  • for electric seat adjustment
  • heated seats
  • Combined trim the skin and tissue.

As you can see, a complete set is really serious and gives almost everything necessary for the modern driver and his passengers. Divided by the equipment here, apparently, it will be gone. The car comes in a standard version and filling. Though hardly the word “standard” is suitable to describe the 2018-2019 BMW i8 year.


As we have said, in their home country, ie in Germany, as well as in the US, the novelty has already gone on sale. So, the German car dealers are asking for the car 126 thousand euros. In North America, for this Bavarian will have to pay from 135 700 dollars . Roughly the price, but probably a little more, will establish our Russian dealerships. In the autumn of first shipments of 2018-2019 BMW I8 should arrive in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Even if you’re an advanced specialist in the field of engines and powertrains, and then you have the technical characteristics of this sports car can seriously surprise.

Photos technical component of the 2018-2019 BMW i8

Thus, the front wheels move by the operation of the electric motor power 86 kW, which makes 131 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. But for the rear wheels is responsible has a three-cylinder petrol motor in volume one and a half liters. Do not be put off by such a small amount, because here we are dealing with tvinturbo and 231 horsepower with 320 Nm of torque. As a result, hybrid power is 362 horses and torque – 570 Nm.

Photos 2018-2019 BMW i8 year

Incidentally, the battery alone, the car can travel 35 kilometers and a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour. If you connect to the work and the gasoline engine, while the dynamics of the acceleration from zero to hundred will be 4.4 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to the Germans traditionally at around 250 kilometers per hour. It would be interesting to know what is the maximum limit of the hybrid sports car.

But further more. Now it should be said about the fuel consumption. According to the manufacturer, the combined cycle plant will consume … drum roll … just two and a half liters per hundred kilometers of distance traveled. This is an amazing figure for a sports car. And indeed for a modern car.

We also note that the motors run by two different transmissions. For petrol engine mounted six-speed automatic, while the electric motor is responsible for the two-stage automatic transmission. To align modes of switching, a special intelligent electronic system is installed.

Test Drive

This test drive i8 come out of Milan.


And how can there be a conclusion? Recent reviews of the owners themselves will tell all of us. We also note that 2018-2019 BMW has created a unique vehicle of its kind, to keep up is now followed by other companies is difficult. And some even impossible.

2018-2019 BMW i8 pictures

Not only that, the 2018-2019 BMW i8 looks like the car of the future, because he is also an advanced propulsion system, the costs incredibly small amount of fuel. Yes, the car is expensive. But dammit. of the costs of each to give him a penny.