2018-2019 BMW R1200GS LC Hybrid

Hybrids, conquered the world transport chetyrehklesnogo now “take root” in the two-wheeled world. The company presented the concept of the future 2018-2019 BMW hybrid motorcycle – 2018-2019 BMW R1200GS LC Hybrid. The model was developed by Wunderlich. The people, the bike is already dubbed “w

ater goose.” Outside 2018-2019 BMW R1200GS LC Hybrid received an additional color in the form of green and blue bands. And trunk space is now occupied by lithium-ion batteries of the electric motor. Last mounted on the front wheel and gives 2018-2019 BMW an additional capacity of 7.6 kW. The battery itself is recharged regenerative braking energy. These implementation, greatly influenced the overall weight of the motorcycle, exceeding the usual mark of 238 kg.

Also, it is worth noting that the rear wheel is set in motion leading 125-horsepower engine capacity of 1170 “cube”, with liquid cooling. If the bike will move only on the electric motor, the maximum speed is 20 km / h. Also, the electric motor can be used to move backward. All-wheel drive will make it possible to develop a speed of over 130 km / h, giving the bike a great grip on a variety of surfaces.

The price of the new 2018-2019 BMW R1200GS LC Hybrid is no official data. It is known that the whole package of improvements is about 6000 euros, and “non-hybrid” version of a motorcycle costs 20 000 euros. It turns out that the preliminary price may reach 26,000 euros.