2018-2019 Bugatti Veyron – super sports car

Almost every young man and recently even some girls dream of a luxury car, which sat behind the wheel and pressing the gas pedal could forget about everything and just fly towards the city at night. One of the fastest machines, which will allow to realize such a dream in life is the 2018-2019 Buga

tti Veyron – hypercar, produced by the company, part of the Volkswagen Group. The car was launched in 2005 and has since been modified several times. The maximum speed of one of the latest versions of the car, produced during the test drive was 431 km / h.

Exterior front view photo

However, the beginning of the history of this now popular car much sooner. The name Veyron car has received thanks to the rider, who in 1939 won her competitions. The first modern 2018-2019 Bugatti was presented in one of the Japanese auto in 1999, which was already quite powerful, but not enough to satisfy the title of a sports car because of the type is too pretentious and too massive engine. In the first test model was obtained due to these significant shortcomings two years, the car improved and in 2001, meets all the requirements and ideas producer. Despite achieving a desired sample, due to the frequent change of Volkswagen Group management, mass production model, scheduled for 2003 it has been carried out only in 2005

Rear view photos

2018-2019 Bugatti Veyron – chic French car, one of the most expensive, powerful and fast from all that can be used on normal roads. Machine weight is 1950 kg, the majority of which – the weight of the engine. Striking specifications, such a huge machine can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 2.5 seconds. maximum power 1001 horsepower (736KVt) at 6000 rpm. In this activity the torque the vehicle being higher than the locomotive, is 1250 Nm at 2200 r / min.

Powertrain photo

Because of the possibilities of movement and speed of enormous power to set the auto uglekeramicheskie brake discs undergoing constant ventilation. For safety reasons, during braking at speeds above 200 km / h it is automatically applied wing, which carries out the function of the aerodynamic brake. Also, the reliability of the car provides good brake actuator, which allows the car to racing with the maximum rates speedometer stop in just 10 seconds. Moreover himself 2018-2019 Bugatti Veyron when braking will move in a straight line, even if the steering wheel is released from the driver’s hands.

Sports cars and the possibility of very rapid movements also emphasize not one but two ignition keys, one of which is used if you want to develop the maximum speed of the car (more than 375 km / h).

Side view photo

Indeed 2018-2019 Bugatti Veyron – the most powerful high-speed car, however, it does not mean that you can not ride it with less speed. Only in this case the machine will not work at full capacity, for example, by using, not 1000, and 100 or 200 horsepower. There is a special counter for control of spare capacity on the control panel.

Despite all these positive features allow this car themselves can not everyone, because the average price of 2018-2019 Bugatti Veyron is from 1.5 to 2.5 mln. Euros, depending on the year of manufacture. It is also quite expensive to maintain, only the purchase of gasoline will cost a considerable sum, because, firstly, the car rides exclusively on gasoline A-98; secondly, its fuel consumption on highway up to 15 liters per 100 km, and in city driving more than 40 liters. About the cost of spare parts should not even talk, because even the slightest detail of this car will cost not one thousand euros. 2018-2019 Bugatti Veyron is not for nothing is one of the most expensive cars and takes the 4th place in the ” Top 10 – the most expensive cars in the world “, because one of its transmission is much more expensive than the Porsche 911, though it is also a very prestigious brand.

Salon sports car photo

car presentable emphasizes chic interior, made of cowhide (the animals are grown specifically for this purpose, and in order to achieve tenderness, smoothness of the skin and avoid the harmful insects, the impact of their grazing is carried out exclusively on alpine meadows).

Based on the above it is obvious that such a car can afford not everyone is not that just a man, but also a successful businessman. Not only is the purchase cost for this may not be possible, and even dealer of luxury cars can be found not in every country.

The owners of the 2018-2019 Bugatti Veyron, as a rule, do not complain about the operation of the machine, as in this case, the price justifies the quality. All accessories are made of first-class vysokoligirovanyh alloys. Inconvenience or breakage occur only owners who casually refer to your car: do not conduct timely preventive measures, do not change the oil for a long time and otherwise do not comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition to neglect the problem may also arise in the case of driving on poor-quality pavement. Despite the fact that some modifications 2018-2019 Bugatti Veyron experienced on the mountain roads, do not forget that first and foremost this is a sports car and is focused on the development of high speed rather than jumping over bumps.

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Also note that when traveling on such a machine should be dutifully fulfill all the safety requirements, and it is desirable that the driver was a great experience and a high level of professionalism, because the speed of typed almost instantly, and you can not see how the speedometer will show a value of about 250 km / h, and in the case of not wearing braking passenger can literally fly off the seat and hit his head on the windshield.

So, despite all its advantages should accept that the 2018-2019 Bugatti Veyron will never become a vehicle for everyday use, the usual city driving or leaving the cottage with barbecue – is a first class road car that can conquer the vast distances in a very short period of time and should not buy it is only to demonstrate its viability.