2018-2019 Chery Kimo – small car for the city

2018-2019 Chery Kimo in – a compact car in China, assembled at the plant 2018-2019 Chery Automobile in Wuhu. Despite the low price, and the Chinese production, the company has developed a model of 2018-2019 Chery Kimo in conjunction with the American automaker Chrysler Group. The design was an ol

d Italian company Bertone, founded in 1912. Despite the gravity of the car, the price starts from 350 900 rubles.

The basis 2018-2019 Chery Kimo is the platform used on the Daewoo Matiz and 2018-2019 Chery QQ . Specifications for this impressive car, the power unit of 1.3 liters of issuing 83 horsepower. this is more than enough power for a compact car. In tandem with the powertrain Kimo equipped with five-speed automatic or robotised manual gearbox.

  • 2018-2019 Chery Kimo Overall length is 3700 mm, width 1578 mm, height 1564 mm, ground clearance of 175 mm, wheelbase 2390 mm, track width front and rear axle 1355/1370 mm.

In Russia 2018-2019 Chery Kimo sold in a single assembly, which includes the following amenities. Electrical, two airbags, air conditioning, central locking, power steering, auxiliary driving system (ABS), Parktronic, fog lights, alloy wheels and high-quality audio system with USB output.

Assessing 2018-2019 Chery Kimo from the photos, I can not believe that worked on the design of baby Italian company. Neutral design, reminiscent at first glance a typical Chevrolet Spark .

In front we see a massive bumper enveloping half of the muzzle from the air intake for the radiator, in the form of symmetrical rectangular compartments. According kroyam fog lamps, daytime running lights there. Above normal hood with a bright head optics. On the roof of the arc notable for luggage. Side of the car is similar to all of the runabout class, compact hatchback. It is not convenient rear tailgate, is clearly high, the ladies will be difficult to lay down the heavy bags.