2018-2019 Ford Edge Sport

Solid and slightly brutal crossover with expressive appearance, sharply angled features, muscular “back”, rich equipment and new technologies. Welcome aboard the 2018-2019 Ford the Edge the Sport .

Model has received more expressive and sophisticated design. In front of the machine

is set gloss black grille, hexagonal shape. New headlights give a sporty crossover prestigious and mature look. It is necessary to pay attention to the LED box, around the side air intakes located on the sides of the bumper. Under certain angle can be seen a distant similarity with the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. In profile, the new 2018-2019 Ford Age Sport fascinates with its sporty and dynamic appearance. This result – the merit of the harmonious design of stamped ascending lines and 20-inch wheels. Also, the entire perimeter of the 2018-2019 Ford Edge is faced with a protective black plastic. Behind a little unusual look LED lights convex shape that seemed to “prop up” the rear window. Because of this headlight arrangement it seems that the tailgate looks pretty bulky. But the bumper was very stylish, received decorative diffuser with a metal plate and two square-pipe exhaust system.

The interior looks like a respectable gentleman in a suit: black leather with suede, soft plastic and elegant decorative accents in contrasting white aluminum. Before the driver is steering, which contains all of the machine control buttons. Therefore, the first time it is necessary to it and seek the appropriate button. The dashboard shows a two-part digital display, with a huge speedometer, located in the middle. Edge Sport has received a new multimedia My2018-2019 Ford Touch system represented by 8-dyuymvym display on the center console. But the lower control panel, with small round buttons look very minimalistic and budget. Rear passengers will also feel the richness of decoration and comfort of the car, nestled in a spacious leather seats.

The car is also equipped with adaptive cruise control, a rear-view camera system safe crossing an intersection, the system control dead zones, adaptive high-beam and a system of control over the traffic lane. The technical part was the sports-tuned suspension, electric power steering and a new engine.

The heart of this car is a 2.7-liter EcoBoost dvigatelV6 double turbine. Total power is 319 hp and 475 Nm of torque.

the second-generation car is much better than its predecessor – it is more vivid, emotional and sharpened to driving pleasure even when measured urban driving at a rate of 9.8 liters per hundred. Price in Russia is still unknown, but the first generation 2018-2019 Ford Edge Sport is available from 1.925 million rubles.