2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator

The end of January was a pleasant surprise for motorists, since the American manufacturer has introduced its newest project 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator . The new model will appear before us at the beginning of February , and went on sale this summer.

In this review we will compare the new mod

el with its predecessor, namely 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator 4th generation. A particular difference is a slightly modified design of the front and rear parts of the vehicle, and the design changes did not affect the profile of the SUV. The new model now has a beautiful innovations, namely the double grille, a completely different front bumper, modified fog lights, as well as other head optics.

2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator – photo

In addition, the new 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator 4th generation has a new elegant lights, which are connected with each other decorative plate special. Also, in the base of the car kit and have a diameter of wheels 20 and 22 inches.

The new 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator Photos

What about the interior, here we got 2018-2019 Lincoln solidity and modernity: now the Salon is not so sophisticated, but, nevertheless, looks amazing. Controls have also undergone several changes and have made a new steering wheel, changed, inserted a 4.2-inch LCD screen in the electronic instrument panel, as well as the 8-inch monitor in the center console. With additional payment you can order special wood inserts, such as those used in the decoration of yachts.

2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator interior photo

As usual 2018-2019 Lincoln has two modifications which relate primarily to the vehicle length. In addition to standard dimensions (5268 millimeters), 2018-2019 Lincoln equipped with a modification in the length 5646 mm, and at the same time increased the wheelbase by 304 mm. Inside, the new 2018-2019 Lincoln holds up to eight passengers.

Specifications. Many important fact for the release of a new model 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator is replaced with a more powerful engine. Now, instead of 310 horsepower 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator in found a new V6 engine of the EcoBoost family, which is characterized by the 375 th horsepower and torque of 583 Nm. A distinctive feature is the 6-band automatic transmission SelectShift, which has the capability of manual switching. The vehicle can become not only the all-wheel drive, but rear-wheel.

2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator Photo

2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator also has at its disposal the electric power steering pad (previously hydraulics), and to the base of the car got a package LED lights, a rearview camera, adaptive xenon, as well as starting the engine by pressing a button.

2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator 4 photos

New 2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator has an adaptive suspension Continuously Controlled Damping, which has three positions: comfort, sport and standard. There is also a unique feature that allows you to align the ground clearance when loaded rear of the vehicle. There is a number of systems, responsible for the help during the descent and ascent, as well as a tracking system for the “blind spots”.

2018-2019 Lincoln Navigator Photo

Price. The main competitor is still the Cadillac Escalade 4 , which has recently been upgraded. The main difference between the cars competing is still a price: in America 2018-2019 Lincoln cost starts at 57 thousand dollars.. Unfortunately, Russia is unanticipated delivery of these cars.