2018-2019 Tesla Model S

In today’s world of electric cars, is now a facelift does not only update the appearance, but also significant changes in the software.

2018-2019 Tesla innovating in its flagship sedan Model S in . Since its debut, and the start of sales of sedan models with the company 2018-2019 Tesla perfected car, by updating the “raw” software, the installation of more capacious battery, and the autopilot system.

At this time, the master’s hand touched the sedan shape. The front part shows a completely new grille, which has much in common with the models Model the X and Model 3 . The car will also receive a full LED optics and more body color options (which is unknown).

Space interior will get back the premium crossover X with ventilation and heating system. A practical innovation was the emergence of a greater number of niches and compartments for storing small things.

To charge new electric 2018-2019 Tesla Model S is now needed less time. The company’s engineers have installed an upgraded charger 48 amp, instead of the current 40. Now, stand in the charging station with charging high voltage, will have to spend less time.

The company hopes that the update should get motivated to buy a car and to attract into the ranks of fans of the brand even more people.