Alfa Romeo 4C

Art experiences and emotions. Powerful and economical coupe with sporty Italian roots. Introducing the newly debuted Alfa Romeo 4C .

Like all Italian supercars, the Alfa Romeo 4C is distinguished by its extraordinary, memorable design. In front, the car looks quite elegant and stylish. T

his effect is created by the non-standard front optics, three-section air intake openings in the front bumper and a rounded V-shaped bend, “passing” through the front hood. On the side, the coupe looks great: the black 19-inch wheels with spokes in the form of horseshoes, bright yellow brake calipers, flowing and dynamic form of the body, refined silver side mirrors and hidden in the body, the door handles. The aft part of the sports coupe looks quite stylish and “tidy”: harmonious lights, exhaust pipes and a small spoiler with a wide stop sign. Note that the body model is completely made of solid carbon fibers, whereby the weight of the entire structure is 1114 kg. And it is an order of magnitude less than the Mazda MX-5 and Porsche Cayman. The weight distribution of the axes equal to 41/59.

Interior Alfa Romeo 4C is made easy and in some places frustrating. The driving position is low-set sports seats with improved lateral support. New “meaty” wheel has no controls, only that it is “decorated” – a gearshift paddles. All analog devices and on-board computer instead of together in a single 8-inch display. The center console is heavily deployed in the driver’s side and has a discreet, one can say almost spartan design. It is equipped with modest blocks of the audio system and air conditioning control. It is worth to mention the hard, sometimes ill-fitting plastic. On the central tunnel settled four buttons instead of the gear lever, handbrake and tumblers electromirrors management. Feet passenger, including women in short skirt, notable inconvenience bring forward strongly imposed the glove compartment.

Block-power sports car is a 1.7 – liter turbo engine capacity of 237 “horses”. In combination with the 6-speed dual-clutch forehand, sprint to the first hundred takes 4.6 seconds and top speed is 258 km / h. Despite good speed, the engine is running about as well as diesel engines and line the Volkswagen , while “showing off” a small fuel consumption.

The suspension is tuned uncompromisingly tough and excellent road holding: car, like a scalpel with perfect precision “cuts” in a rut on the asphalt.
However, it is worth the emotional Italian coupe for money or makes sense to draw attention to BMW models, the Porsche or the Jaguar, decide the buyers themselves.