Chrysler 300 C

The massive and brutal business-class sedan, “stuffed” with modern technology and expensive materials. Let’s learn more about the advantages and opportunities of the new Chrysler 300 C .

At first glance it is noticeable that the appearance of the sedan was to “modernize” the company’s stylists. Now, instead of rough and uncouth forms With 300 sports a more elegant and smooth. Another obvious fact was the decrease in the amount of chrome around the car body. Front, to replace a brutal headlights came more refined and stylish. Instead of the radiator grille in the form of boards for grating cheese, a new set, with rounded edges, fine black mesh and emblem Chrysler. The front bumper includes modified fog lights and additional air intake opening, streamlined black insert. On the side, the model has maintained its classic look. On wheels mounted 20 – inch wheels, peeping out from under the massive wheel arches. And mirrors “acquired” repeaters turns. At the rear, the car has received LED headlights, a slightly modified form, the new sports exhaust pipes and a small spoiler, available only for the models in the configuration S. In total there are 3 basic configuration: Limited, S and Platinum.

Interior has changed trends in much greater extent. Now there is abundant soft leather, wood and aluminum inserts. Where they do not have a soft plastic was used.

Driver’s seat got a lot elektroregulirovok, but the lateral support is not provided here. The driver’s console with soft blue backlight received quite exquisite tachometer and speedometer, where each division is decorated with “diamond” divisions. The center console is quite ergonomically located 8.4 – inch screen infotainment system, and under it – clusters control climate control and electronic systems. Central torpedo surprised by the lack of parking brake and gear lever. Instead, the latter is now installed oval “Puck” from the gear change modes, like the Jaguar XF. And if you wish, you can use gearshift paddles. Rear passengers have spacious seats, where you can enjoy the ride.

Bursts of driving pleasure, an enthusiastic soundtrack exhaust system and offers a reasonable rate established under the hood, the 5.7-liter Hemi engine capacity of 363 horsepower. Works engine with 8-speed automatic transmission. In this scenario, the Chrysler 300 C spends no more than 10 liters on average per 100 kilometers. Good controllability promotes new electric power steering and a sharpened suspension.

Chrysler 300 from – a big, powerful and energetic car that thanks to these qualities will always stand out from the crowd. The price of such a luxury – 2.26 million rubles, which makes it difficult to find an opportunity worthy competitor with similar characteristics.