Lineup Nissan 2018-2019

When choosing a new car the main selection criteria are the comfort and ergonomics of the interior, safety, fuel consumption, as well as technical aspects. Today, we have more details take a look at the model range of the Japanese brand Nissan 2018-2019.

The most affordable in the line of the brand is a model Nissan 2018-2019 Almera sedan. This car is equipped with a gasoline engine 1.6 – liter, with total capacity of 102 hp and 145 Nm. Powered peredniprivodny Sedan paired with a 5-speed manual, providing an average consumption of 7 liters per 100 km. Maximum speed Almera is 185 km / h and acceleration to hundreds of takes 10.9 seconds. Minimum equipment provides enough comfort for around town or to the country. The starting price starts at 459,000 rubles. When selecting a model with automatic gearbox, will have to pay from 495 thousand rubles and above.

For fans of the hatchback body, Nissan 2018-2019 offers a stylish and practical hatchback Tiida. Given the basic cost of 682 000 rubles, the machine is equipped with a 1.6 – liter four-cylinder engine, with a total capacity of 110 hp In tandem with the 5-speed manual, the Tiida is capable of accelerating to a hundred 11 seconds, maximum speed, in this case is 186 km / h. Average fuel consumption – 6.9 liters per 100 km. It should be noted that the opinions of owners indicate silent and smooth operation of the engine. And one of the most spacious cabin in its class, a really nice surprise. The most “rich» Tekna grade will cost 693,000 rubles.

The next model in the hierarchy should sedan business – class Nissan 2018-2019 Teana. It is necessary to praise the engineers for such a bold, stylish and dynamic design of the car. Nissan 2018-2019 Teana combines excellent dynamic qualities, high level of comfort and exquisite interior design. Multimedia Nissan 2018-2019Connect system can be represented by a 7-dyuymvym display. Moreover, the driver also receives a multifunctional 4 – inch behind the steering wheel. Safety systems include six airbags. Under the hood, the model can be equipped with several engine options: 2.5 – liter engine with in-line 4-cylinder and 3.5 – liter V6. Last modification has a capacity of 249 hp and 312 Nm of torque. These “data” allows to accelerate to hundreds in 7.2 seconds and up to a maximum mark of 230 km / h. Average fuel consumption is 9.3 liters per 100 kilometers. All engines work in tandem with a 7-speed transmission XTronic CVT. Price Nissan2018-2019 Teana varies from 1.167 million rubles to 1,417,000 rubles.

Fans of outdoor activities should pay attention to crossovers and SUVs, engineered by Nissan 2018-2019. An excellent option to be considered economical urban crossover with improved driving characteristics – Nissan 2018-2019 Juke.

Small crossover with a sporty design and provides excellent driving characteristics, and its 1.6 – liter engine is able to generate from 94 to 200 horsepower and 128 – 240 Nm of torque. When Juke minimum power consumes 6 liters of gasoline, which is very beneficial for the urban cycle. However, its dynamics is quite sluggish. For connoisseurs of high dynamic performance Nissan 2018-2019 offers a “charged” 200 – a strong version – Juke Nismo, with acceleration up to a hundred for 8 seconds. Depending on the Juke gets 5-speed manual or “advanced” 7-speed CVT. “The highlight of the” car is a system Nissan 2018-2019 Dynamic Control, which allows to adjust the car under one of three styles of riding. this urban crossover Prices will start with a mark of 805 thousand rubles.

More solid looks the new generation Nissan 2018-2019 Qashqai – the founder of the crossover segment. Externally the car looks bold and charismatic. Comfort while driving provides the high-quality interior, panoramic roof and 5 – inch multifunction display. And intelligent park assist, blind spot monitoring system and the recognition of moving objects, will save you from unnecessary hassle and worry.

Intelligent all-wheel drive technology combined with a 2-liter engine and automatic transmission CVT, guarantee Qashqai disperse hundreds in 10 seconds and consumption of 7.3 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Crossover cost in a similar configuration starts at 1 300 000 rubles. Minimum price starts at 998,000 rubles.

More brutal and presentable looks massive crossover premium-class – the Nissan 2018-2019 Murano. More prestigious technology, expensive decoration cozy interior designed to provide comfort and confidence in each trip. Under the hood, Murano is 3.5 – liter V6 engine, rated at 249 hp and 334 Nm of torque. This power is enough to disperse the 2 – ton Nissan 2018-2019 to hundred for 8 seconds and a top speed of 210 km / h. Powered SUV mated to a transmission X-Tronic CVT. The average consumption is kept at an acceptable level – 10 liters per 100 km. rearview camera, premium multimedia system Nissan 2018-2019 Connect Premium and audio brands Bose, will take care of you while driving. About the security taken care of all-wheel drive The All-Mode 4×4, active cruise – control and six airbags. The minimum price for a similar SUV is 1.74 million rubles.

Among SUVs Nissan 2018-2019 offers comfortable and stylish X-Trail. Salon jeep – a spacious and ergonomic. Comfort when driving long distances guarantee seats with sporty design. Excellent ergonomics controls will not make distracted driving. In addition to the excellent handling X-Trail is renowned for reliable braking thanks to the use of advanced systems, which work in tandem with all-wheel drive system The All-Mode 4×4. Nissan 2018-2019 X-Trail is available with a diesel 2 – liter engine, 150 hp and two petrol engines: 2 and 2.5 – liters (capacity of 141 and 169 hp, respectively). The diesel variant is quite economical, consuming only 7 liters per 100 km. The same petrol engine consumes about 8.5 liters. The maximum speed on the border at around 200 km / h. Prices start at 1.093 million rubles for basic equipment.

Another, more budget option is the SUV Nissan 2018-2019 Terrano. Aggressive and brutal design’s reliability and endurance cars. 16-inch wheels provide a good grip and comfortable movement on all irregularities. Another special feature of the Terrano is a spacious lounge and a spacious (475 liters) trunk. Any road barrier – a challenge for the Terrano, with which it is easy to handle, given the ground clearance of 210 mm. To do this, the car is equipped with a torque distribution system, 6-speed manual gearbox, which works in tandem with 1.6 and 2 – liter engine. The power of the latter is 145 hp Also, there is a 4-speed automatic, working with 2 – liter engine. Average fuel consumption 2-liter engine of 7.8 liters in the combined cycle. Dispersal to hundred takes 10.4 seconds and 177 km / h – top speed. The cost of this SUV starts at 719,700 rubles per 1.6-liter version.

For those who like to carry the overall loads or break active far beyond Nissan 2018-2019 city limits offers pickup Navara and SUV Pathfinder. Both cars have a common platform. Pick-up is completed with only 2.5 – liter diesel engine, with a total output of 190 horsepower, distributes its power between the four driving wheels. Depending on the configuration from a choice of 6-speed manual transmission or 5-speed automatic. The car has all the most modern safety systems. Dispersal to hundred takes 11 seconds, top speed is 180 km / h and average consumption of 10 liters of diesel per 100 km. The minimum value of this “fun” is equal to 1,212,000 rubles. SUV Nissan 2018-2019 Pathfinder – it is more prestigious and luxury version of the pickup Navara, the minimum cost which starts with 2.13 million rubles.

If you are an oil magnate or the road to your garden resembles the roads of Siberia, while cumbersome, luxurious and legendary Nissan 2018-2019 Patrol precisely created for you. SUV impressive size has a strict and elegant design. The high level of luxury technology inside is designed specifically to bring true pleasure and the pleasure of each trip. Under the hood Patrol is “irresistible” 5.6 – liter V8, power 405 hp and 560 Nm of torque. Four-wheel drive giant is paired with a 7-stupenchtaym machine. In addition to Nissan 2018-2019 branded systems, this model has received help system during the descent and the system of assistance in predёme. The price of luxury – 3.55 million rubles.

fans of speed, drive and instant acceleration is necessary to pay attention to a perfect two-door coupe – Nissan 2018-2019 GT-R. Powerful, energetic and aggressive GT-R is equipped with a 3.8-liter turbocharged engine hand-built, with a capacity of 540 hp and a torque of 628 Nm. Coupe accelerates to hundreds of 3 seconds and a top speed beats the mark of 315 km / h. The average consumption is 11.7 liters in the combined cycle. This car is a symbiosis of the best and most advanced technologies, which has by far the world auto industry. Besides the powerful engine and stylish design Nissan 2018-2019 GT-R received a sports suspension, the possibility of transmission settings, and system Atessa E-TS all-wheel drive. The cost of this masterpiece of the Japanese automaker is 5 100 000 rubles.

Nissan 2018-2019 is taking care of their customers by offering the best cars in all the different segments.