Maybach Mercedes S600 2018-2019

A spaceship with a luxurious inside the capsule. The revival of the ultra-luxury sub-brand marked the appearance on the scene of the icon of luxury and style – Mercedes-Maybach S600 2018-2019 .

The new Mercedes-Maybach S600 is designed to become a new symbol of those who have achieved everythi

ng in his life and does not hesitate to speak about it publicly.

Limousine Mercedes-Maybach retained features of the regular version of the S600, becoming the 21 cm long. In front, the seductive gentleman got larger grille with a modified design. Profile decorate powerful wheels 20 inches, similar to the polished manhole covers, around which “wrapped» Goodyear Eagle F1 tires. Another feature – issued for a rear rack glass. Such a step would cover the second row passengers. Elegant form shows the aft portion of Mercedes-Maybach S600. Lights like expensive diamonds, and a quartet of exhaust pipes system sounds wonderful opera.

Salon Mercedes-Maybach S600

Once in the cabin, the eyes diverge from the abundance of luxury. The driving position is staffed by two 12.3-inch displays. If that is not enough, then turn your attention to the presence of the projection Head-Up Display. All buttons are made of aluminum, the center console and the torpedo finished with quilted leather and inlays of expensive wood. Luxury and tranquility. This is how you can describe the passenger seats on board the Mercedes-Maybach S600. In silence, the owner can sip champagne in silver goblets handmade and enjoy the smell of your favorite perfume that will be built to spray air ionizer. Incidentally, the seats have a massaging function and can be folded at an angle of 43.5 degrees. For rear legroom provides 125 cm of free space. Among other details present individual climate control, a fridge and a multimedia touchscreen display.

The list of useful features include an automatic high beam control, night vision systems, active and passive safety systems, as well as a bunch of other modern “widgets”. Not redundant in city traffic for such a giant is a monitoring system for the blind zones and all-round visibility.

 2018-2019 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Specifications

Under the hood “implanted” a 6.0-liter V12 engine with twin turbos. His capacity reaches 530 hp power and 612 Nm of torque. Working in tandem with a 7-speed automatic transmission, a limousine is dispersed to hundred in 5.2 seconds in Sport mode, which is 0.5 seconds slower than a conventional S600. However, you are unlikely to notice the difference firsthand, without a stopwatch.

Perhaps Mercedes-Maybach S600 2018-2019 model year