Nissan 2018-2019 Murano

Presentation of 2nd generation Nissan 2018-2019 Murano  took almost seven years ago, in , and after four years – in , has undergone a profound restyling cars, significantly affected all major car components. Even today, in Nissan 2018-2019 Murano second generation, despite the recently announced the emergence of the third generation Nissan2018-2019 Murano in , it continues to be essential to domestic motorists.

And there is every reason to believe that demand for cars in Russia this will occur is still quite a long time – it confirms a considerable number of crossovers of data on domestic roads, and its serial production in St. Petersburg.

Japanese designers did a great job on the second generation of cars: exterior charms. The flowing lines that cross the entire body of the car, catch the eye, and even despite the rather impressive options of auto, it looks easy – without the inherent most modern crossovers excessive aggressiveness.

Nissan 2018-2019 Murano photo

Side car shows large doorways, high windows, and the original bottom edge. Are allocated and massive wheel arches, having vyshtampovki, well-designed roof, which is based on clearly defined stands.

Before the car was even more stylish. Here are allocated fairly strict bumper, a large part of which takes huge air intake and side air vents. Picture spectacularly decorate round foglights, with the bottom edge, which improves aerodynamic performance.

New Nissan 2018-2019 Murano photo

Of course, the plastic bottoms significantly reduces the permeability of the car, but when moving at high speed (which, actually, and crossover-oriented), it is simply irreplaceable. It looks great and compact falshradiatora grille and neat narrowed bi-xenon headlights.

When you create a stern cars, engineers and designers have managed to combine sporty style with a monumental: a huge decorated tailgate spoiler, the same impressive size and the bumper, the bottom of which look out tailpipes. Crowned with a harmonious view of the rear part of the crossover elements of lighting, of course having LEDs.

 Nissan 2018-2019 Murano Photo

To emphasize the stylish exterior, as well as choose the right person for each color, designed to fairly broad palette of possible color options. Buyers can choose from 7-NIL colors: beige, white pearl, silver, gray, red, navy blue, and black.

  • Dimensions Nissan 2018-2019 Murano as follows: length – 4860 mm, width – 1885 mm, height – 1720 mm.
  • Indicators wheelbase – 2825 mm, and 178 mm of ground clearance.

Do not forget about the possibility of movement of cars on the road, however, limited its design features. Thus, the maximum approach angle of 21.5 degrees, with an angle of 27 degrees Congress. Crossover burn and enter the ramp at an angle up to 170 degrees. We add that the car produced in Russia are equipped with protectors 235/65 R18, set of alloy 18-inch. disks.

New Nissan 2018-2019 Murano photo salon

Workmanship interior elements, as well as used for decoration materials correspond to the status cars – all done at the highest level, and the space inside the car more than enough for all passengers. The driver’s seat is very large, the presence of cushions for comfort – seat is clearly not intended for aggressive driving.

Updated Nissan 2018-2019 Murano photo

Multifunctional steering wheel was comfortable framing in hand rests comfortably, and in addition is regulated in 4 directions. Volume dashboard, ergonomic console with comfortable seating controls, a variety of devices and climate control, excellent accommodation gearshift knob, fine instruments to monitor the on-board computer are perfectly readable, and look chic. The driver and front passenger is guaranteed a comfortable location – a lot of places, and the seats have great potential in terms of regulation.

For the third rear passengers meant a roomy sofa, space, more than enough – a person who does not have too large physique may well be free to stay on the floor, which will also be convenient to look at the screens mounted in the seats of the first row. Rear backrests are separate, they have ample opportunities to change the angles.

Photo interior of Nissan 2018-2019 Murano 

The luggage compartment is 402 liters together without problems. – Subject to the availability on board five people and can accommodate 1510 liters. in the case of the rear seats folded. Seats are transformed simply: it is necessary to pull the levers located on the sides of cars, and fall back, releasing an almost perfect square. The rise is fully automated. The only drawback, which is manifested in the case of auto acceleration at speeds above 120 km / h, is somewhat inadequate insulation.

Nissan 2018-2019 Murano photo trunk

We have cars available in 4 trim levels – XE, SE, LE, and LE-R. Even with the equipment of the initial configuration XE can be compared slightly representatives of the class of crossovers other models (the maximum configuration): there are eight airbags, there are ABS, EBD, Assist and Brake, the ESP , rain and light sensors are integrated.

Not without dual zone climate control, alarm, air ducts behind, keyless entry, along with a button engine start system, cruise control, lifter, power steering with variable characteristics, adjustable lumbar driver’s seat focus, heated front seats, electric drive, resulting in action back row back. Separately, we note the presence of a fully velor finish, heating and electric windows, 7-inch. monochrome screen, excellent audio system (6CD-changer, MP3, radio, AUX, 6-Th-quality speakers), front xenon headlights and LED rear lights.

More expensive versions have a crossover luxury elements such as leather trim, power front seats. At the same time the driver’s seat is equipped with adjustable in 8 directions and, with the possibility of change in cushion tilt angles and storing settings; passenger – “only” on the 4 directions. Also added heated seats 2nd row, touch 7-inch. display, a premium audio system Bose Digital Surround (with CD, MP3, Bluetooth, video and audio connectors), a rearview camera, a high quality navigation. As the value in the configuration appear automated adjustment of the steering column, rear lid and a glass roof.

Nissan 2018-2019 Murano specifications

Nissan 2018-2019 Murano in and demonstrated outstanding performance: this car is based on the platform of Nissan 2018-2019 D (also it established Nissan 2018-2019 Teana J32). Auto has a fully independent suspension. Front – McPherson , behind – a multi-link design, all crossover brake disc, is also used power steering with a variable setting.

power plant

On the territory of the Russian car is equipped with only all-wheel drive system. The power unit got one car – a 3.5 liter petrol V6 (VQ35DE), which develops 249 hp and aggregated with automatic Xtronic-CVT – continuously variable CVT. This tandem accelerates weighing 1790-1830 kg crossover to 100 km / h in just 8 seconds, providing a top speed of 210 km / h. The manufacturer guarantees on the level of fuel consumption 8,3l when driving on the highway to the city 14,8l, claimed average consumption is about 10,6l. However, reviews of car owners prestigious crossover can be concluded that the real consumption is about 10-11l when driving on the highway, as well as more than 14L in the case of movement in urban environments.

Several years of being behind the wheel of the second generation of the crossover show that asphalt car behaves collected and confident. It is gratifying that the quality of the fabric is not particularly affect the behavior of the car – even a relatively large pits and potholes suspension absorbs without any problems. The steering wheel, increasing speed to become more severe, body roll, even during sharp turns, do not cause feelings of insecurity, cars always predictable and implicitly carries out all the commands of the driver. Motor sensitively responds to even a minimal change of the position of the accelerator pedal – the crossover takes overclocking powerful and confident, with CVT changes gears with lightning speed.

Video Test Drive

Perfect wheel drive system ensures quick and safe movement even in severe winter roads, and guaranteed normal driver takes infinite pleasure of driving. If the whole class, which shows the car when driving on the roads, it is not recommended to move on harsh terrain. First of all, it says a small ground clearance – 178 mm, will not allow you to feel confident on the roads and a powerful powertrain with a variator. The most that can be under the wheels of the car – it’s back roads, on the track or ditches is not necessary to think.

Nissan 2018-2019 Murano Price

Price Nissan 2018-2019 Murano in is consistent with the level of comfort, which offers Japanese crossover. Do not forget about the more than the original car appearance, excellent quality of the technical component, and the availability of modern systems. Thus, the value of the crossover in its basic configuration XE, in the domestic auto shows starts with a mark of 1 590 000 rubles. SE Price bundling the official representatives begins from 1 to 800 thousand rubles, LE – from 1885 thousand rubles. For the most expensive representative of the family – LE-R, will have to pay 1935 thousand rubles. Note that for an extra fee the manufacturer provides a huge range of accessories to personalize the popular crossover that much to order via the Internet, as are most of branded accessories of the modern Japanese crossover.