Porsche Macan S

Ace Macan Turbo (basic price of 4.042 million rubles), with a 3.6-liter V6 engine with 400 hp, is now awash in the glory. But many are willing to bet that his less powerful relative Macan S, absolutely no way inferior victor. Despite the fact that its capacity is less than 60 hp and acceleration to 100 km / h takes 0.6 seconds longer, but, on the other hand, it costs a whopping $ 22,400 less – it is better to spend the money on equipment, which will improve performance crossover and ride quality, or buy them a used Boxster for avtoprogulok weekend.

The starting price is acceptable Macan S – 2.807 million rubles, but only a few buyers. The Porsche leave the showroom with the basic version of the model. For example, with air suspension system of active control system of torque Vectoring Plus, the Sport Chrono Package and 21-inch wheels 911 Turbo Design raise the cost to $ 19,970. And this is a very high price for the compact crossover segment premium, but it is still below the cost base Macan Turbo.

When driving on a flat road is hard not to admire the behavior of this crossover. Macan compact five-seater in felt the same maneuverability as the two-seater sports coupe, which doubled him less. The engine, brakes and suspension do not cause any complaints.

If we are very much to find fault, then some wheel Electric may seem easier than it would be desirable, particularly felt during the middle of turns, when the main load is on the front wheels.

Despite the fact that in this model, Porsche uses the same modular longitudinal platform, like the Audi Q5, and nearly a dozen other siblings VW Group, the Stuttgart engineers have thoroughly worked on each component to the first few seconds it became clear – Porsche has a Porsche . Competitors may issue crossover with sports package, enlarged wheels and tires, but none of them (even the luxury Audi SQ5, which weighs 135 kg more), can not compete with the formula basic version Macan S, consisting of the biturbo V6 engine and gearbox with double clutch and six-piston front calipers and 19-inch alloy wheels.

Crossover weighing 1865 kg (model S 60 kg lighter than the Macan Turbo), in electronic custom mode Sport Plus for a more aggressive ride, and with all-wheel drive system (as in the 911 Carrera 4) behaves like a sports models, with minimal roll body during cornering.

Biturbo V6 engine and transmission with double clutch deserve special praise. The engine generates an enormous torque in the lower gears, the maximum speed of 6,700 rev / min. In Sport Plus mode, gear change occurs immediately. Whatever it was, it certainly is not a sports car – it is too big and heavy – but if properly managed, it can be surprisingly quick. Strong in terms of mechanics and excellent in technical terms – that is, how it is possible to characterize the performance of the Macan S.

Summing up all the above, we get a car that is different confidence and comfort on urban roads, and incredible power in off-road conditions. Time will tell how many people will agree to pay that kind of money for a compact SUV, but, for example, Range Rover Evoque was a hit Land Rover, and therefore there have Macan chance to be a very successful model.