Range Rover Sport 2019-2020

The second-generation Range Rover Sport model year, the British group introduced at the New York Auto Show. The second generation, as well as the first, is the same as the slope of the rear window (as opposed to the normal version of Range Rover), in the front wings have air intakes, well, a bit

cluttered to the rear roof pillars (which makes the overall silhouette of the machine dynamic).

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Equipment Price Engine Box Drive unit
3.0 V6 S 2999000 3.0 petrol (340 hp) Machine (8) full
3.0 V6 SE 3230000 3.0 petrol (340 hp) Machine (8) full
3.0 TDV6 SE 3230000 3.0 diesel (248 hp) Machine (8) full
3.0 SDV6 SE 3500000 3.0 diesel (292 hp) Machine (8) full
3.0 V6 HSE 3675000 3.0 petrol (340 hp) Machine (8) full
3.0 SDV6 HSE 3894000 3.0 diesel (292 hp) Machine (8) full
3.0 SDV6 AB 4297000 3.0 diesel (292 hp) Machine (8) full
5.0 V8 HSE 4460000 5.0 petrol (510 hp) Machine (8) full
5.0 V8 AB 4736000 5.0 petrol (510 hp) Machine (8) full
5.0 V8 AB DYN 4952000 5.0 petrol (510 hp) Machine (8) full

The model is based on a completely new platform (premium lightweight architecture). Add to that the aluminum solution pursuant to the body, and as a result, a substantial reduction in the mass of the car, minus 420kg for a turbo-diesel in comparison with the previous version. And this in spite of the increase in length (plus 62 mm) model, . This Range Rover Sport has become a little lower (minus 55 mm). Due to the reduction of overhangs, add an extra 178 mm to the size of the wheelbase, which led to the installation possibilities in the luggage compartment of the third row of seats.

New feature aluminum suspension (solution includes dual front wishbones plus multi-circuit units). Air suspension (for 5 generations) makes it possible to change the ride height up to 115 mm. In addition, suspension systems equipped with Terrain Response (2nd generation) and Adaptive Dynamics (includes automatic stepless adjustable shock absorbers).

As for motors, the base, – a 3-liter diesel engine (292 hp) and 5-liter petrol (510 hp). Soon there will be diesel version with 258 hp and 339 hp. The manufacturer promises also a hybrid (diesel-electric) modification.

All models come with 8-speed automatic transmission, but all-wheel drive models have maybe a 4WD (presence razdatki + distribution along the axes 50 to 50) and AWD (with a Torsen differential).

The new generation of 2019-2020Range Rover Sport Range Rover as well as 4, comes with steering elektousilitelen, and of course, equipped with a large number of security systems. Official exports to Russia is planned for August.

As I mentioned above, a hybrid version of the new sport on the horizon. The model has a separate name 2019-2020 Range Rover Sport Hybrid diesel three-liter (292 hp) electric motor of 48 hp, plus a set of lithium-ion batteries. Accelerating dynamics of the hybrid model is a 6.7 to a hundred, and the maximum speed is limited to a ceiling of 225 km / h. The average consumption in the combined cycle is less than 7.6 liters per hundred kilometers. With regard to the movement of the electric, the British concern about the possibility of states to overcome the way to 1.6 kilometers at a speed not exceeding 48 km / h. The cost of this modification has not yet been announced, start of sales is scheduled for September-month.

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